More robots!

More robots! They seem to be my go to thing to sketch when I'm warming up or if I have some free time as of recently.

Robot Country

Ideas for junky country farm shacks kept by robots... I love robots with backpacks.

Some Sketchy Folks

Hello! I recently created a Facebook sketching group. 

There is a lot of awesome work on the internet, and a lot of Facebook groups full of awesome artists. These groups can be a bit intimidating. Some Sketchy Folks is a safe space for artists of all disciplines and skill levels to post their daily scribbles and talk art. This is a judgment free zone where people can feel comfortable sharing what makes their creative clock tick. Have fun and get sketchin'!

Join if you love to draw and you like friendly, creative people. Invite any of your friends who you think may be interested in joining in on the fun.